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Sondor Travel has been providing travel services and products to a wide range of travel companies and individual travelers since 1991. In time we have become one of the leading Albanian Inbound Tour Operators providing services in several Balkan Countries...
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alpinepasturestrek Albanian Alps Trek albanianalpstrek

The Alpine Pastures offer one of the least explored paths of the Albanian mountains. Used not so often by peasant families during communism is considered a hidden unspoiled area. Read more

albaniamontenegroWalking in Albania & short visit in Kosovo pricealbaniakosovo

Learn about the Illyrian culture,enjoy the scenic route FierzaKoman by boat,experience the local culture camping in the alpine pastures,taste the special dishes of Northern Albania. Read more

albanianlpsAlbania & Montenegro Highlights pricealbanianmontenegro

The National Parks of Thethi and Valbona are hidden gems for experienced travellers. The mountains encircling these valleys stand like a crown from above very inviting for the explorative spirit . Read more

albaniakosovomontenegroAlbania & Kosovo & Montenegro pricealbaniakosovomontenegro

Both villages of Theth and Valbona have some characteristic rooftops hard to built these days which give them a distinctive look. The local food is delicious because of the favorable climate unspoiled by the use of chemicals. As we travel further we enter Montenegro. Read more





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